Meet the First Cohort of EmpoWomen Programme

After a rigorous selection process during the first Open Call, 11 startups led by women were chosen to participate in the transformative programme EmpoWomen. These startups hail from various corners of Europe, each bringing its unique blend of innovation, technology, and purpose to the table. Let’s take a closer look at the inspiring lineup:

  1. HUGUP (Poland): Revolutionizing pregnancy wellness with advanced support wear, HUGUP is a deep tech startup dedicated to enhancing the journey of expecting mothers.
  2. IPLEXMED (Portugal): Offering a new generation of portable genetic diagnostic devices, IPLEXMED ensures health support is accessible anytime, anywhere.
  3. (Poland): With its AI-driven earthquake forecasting system, provides critical alerts prior to earthquakes, potentially saving lives and property.
  4. Heilo (Poland): Protecting babies from polluted air, Heilo has developed an innovative air-purifier for baby prams and strollers, ensuring a healthy start to life.
  5. GOTECH Antimicrobial (Portugal): Fighting medical device infections, GOTECH Antimicrobial develops cutting-edge antimicrobial technologies, advancing healthcare outcomes.
  6. IQ Biozoom (Poland): Improving personal health management through non-invasive diagnostic tests, IQ Biozoom is pioneering pain-free solutions for individuals.
  7. Pinky CyberSafe (Moldova): Enhancing cybersecurity awareness for SMEs, Pinky CyberSafe utilizes AI-driven solutions to fortify digital defenses.
  8. INNOSENSUS (Lithuania): Offering a personal biosensor for gluten detection, INNOSENSUS empowers individuals with quick and reliable food sensitivity testing.
  9. GMZ Enerji Sistemleri (Turkey): Spearheading innovative solutions for hydrogen energy and fuel cells, GMZ Enerji Sistemleri is driving the transition towards sustainable energy.
  10. P-Agro Minerals (Latvia): Providing an affordable technology for phosphorus recovery from wastewater, P-Agro Minerals offers a sustainable fertilizer solution for agriculture.
  11. The Newsroom (Portugal): Tackling misinformation and filter bubbles in news consumption, The Newsroom leverages AI-powered technology to promote informed discourse and critical thinking.

As these 11 startups embark on their transformative journey with the EmpoWomen Programme, they will undergo a tailored 6-month acceleration program curated by Startup Wise Guys and Business Angels Europe. With access to mentorship, resources, and a supportive community, these trailblazing entrepreneurs are poised to soar to new heights of success.

Stay tuned for updates on their progress and impact as they navigate through the programme. And mark your calendars for the 2nd Open Call for startups, planned for December 2024. Together, let’s continue to empower women, drive innovation, and shape the future of entrepreneurship.

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